If you have installed Exchange 2010 in and Exchange 2007 environment, you may come across the below error:

An IIS directory entry couldn’t be created. The error message is Access is denied. HResults = 2147024891 It was running the command ‘Get-OWAVirtualDirectory’

If you do, the solution is very simple, follow the below:

1) Logon to your Exchange 2007 servers

2) Open the ‘Computer Management’ console (Right click on My Computer and select ‘Manage’)

3) Expand ‘System Tools’, then ‘Local Users and Groups’ and select ‘Groups’

4) Double click ‘Administrators’ in the right window to displat the properties

5) Click ‘Add’

6) Click ‘Advanced’

7) Click ‘Find Now’

8) Select ‘Exchange Trusted Subsystem’ from the list and click ‘OK’

9) Click ‘OK’ again and then again once more

No you won’t get that error message.


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