Annoyingly it’s not possible to view mailbox sizes in Exchange 2007 via the Exchange Management Console, so if you need to get them, follow the below:

To view them on screen

1) Open ‘Exchange Management Shell’

2) Type ‘get-mailboxstatistics | fl displayname,totalitemsize’ (without the quotes)

As you can see, if you have a lot of mailboxes, this list is near impossible to look at properly. So you may want to export them to a CSV file where you can then open the list in Excel and sort the results by mailbox name or file size, so do this, follow the below.

To export them to a CSV file

1) Open ‘Exchange Management Shell’

2) Type ‘Get-MailboxStatistics -Database “Mailbox Database” | Select DisplayName, ItemCount, TotalItemSize | Export-CSV c:\mailboxinfo.csv’ (without the quotes)

3) Open that file in Excel.

You could also use any of the below variables in the above command and just seperate them with a comma:

  • AssociatedItemCount
  • DatabaseName
  • DeletedItemCount
  • DisconnectDate
  • DisplayName
  • Identity
  • ItemCount
  • LastLoggedOnUserAccount
  • LastLogoffTime
  • LastLogonTime
  • LegacyDN
  • ServerName
  • StorageGroupName
  • StorageLimitStatus
  • TotalDeletedItemSize
  • TotalItemSize


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